Alaska Gold Rush History and Genealogy


Fraternal Organizations, Club and Churches



In the mining camps and towns of Alaska during the gold rush men often banded together in clubs, or brotherhoods. The Pioneers of Alaska was one of the largest organization of gold rush era Alaskans. Another Alaskan/Yukon group was the Arctic Brotherhood. Some groups carried over from the prospectors home such as the Moose and Elks lodge and the Free Masons. Missionaries came to Alaska during Russian times and that continued with America's purschase of Alaska.

With headquarters in Seattle The Arctic Club membership included the very best of Seattle and the Northland.

Nome circa 1900: Odd Fellows, Masons Knights of Pythias, Elks, Eagles (Source p. 56)

Order of Yukon Pioneers was started in 1890 and was composed only of the men who had been in the country since 1887. It had a very limited membership therefore till the rules were changed so as to make men eligible who had been in the country before 1893 They have a lodge at Circle City (1896) and hold meetings every Tuesday night It levies on its members for the care of the sick for the relief of widows and the sendiner out of the country of those who had been broken down by hard work and privations. (Source p. 197)

Dawson 1897 Both Protestants and Catholics established mission churches and did good work under the greatest difficulties Rev VC Gambell and wife started the first church the Presbyterian mission. (Source p.366 )


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